Weather Service Bursary for the Meteorology and Weather Majors

Studying in the college might be a promising thing for your future. There are so many things you can do for getting your future job to be reached. One of the best ways for you to do is by studying in the college at the major you really want. If you are considering having this experience for you, consider the best way for you to pay for your college need. One thing which can be done for you if you are looking for the financial aid is the bursary program. For example is the Weather Service Bursary which is available for you to join.

This is a program which will give you the advantages by getting the bursary for your studying need. In order to make your dream job to be reached, you have to take this chance for you. In this case, the program is addressed for the students. There is a program which is available for the students who have been graduated for three years. The program which is offered is the one-year course in the basic meteorology. This program will start in February. If the applicants are successful in getting the course, there will be the Weather Service bursary for the post graduate study. Closing date is 19 October. Applications must be submitted on the prescribed SA Weather Service bursary application form. Enquiries should be:

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Besides of the program mentioned before, you can also apply for the program which is designed for the majors like meteorology, agrometeorology, oceanography, air quality and also the climatology. The candidate should have the grade 12 matric certificate. Besides of that, the good academic score is also considered for this program. If you are interested with this program you can get the application form and you can send the application embedded with the required documents to the address of South African Weather Service, Private Bag X097, and Pretoria 0001, addressed tiMs.GuguMaphisa.

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