Transnet Engineering Bursary Scholarship Opportunity 2018-2019

Students with excellent academic records and aim to study engineering, Engineering bursary scholarship from Transnet is worth applying. Another reason, Transnet gives you not only financial assistance to complete your study, but career opportunity. You will work with them once you are graduated, hence the numbers of bursary scholarship that available are based on the company needs. The major you should enroll, civil (ref no: 60000175), mechanical (ref no:60000169), electronic (ref no: 60000171), electrical in heavy current ref no: 60000167), metallurgy for physical (ref no: 60000170), or industrial (ref no: 60000173).

ZA Bursaries

What you get during Transnet engineering bursary scholarship are the following; book allowance, tuition fees, experiential training, and accommodation and meals. Download and complete the bursary application form which is accessible at the official site before submitting your application to; Room 4206/Carlton Centre/150 Commissioner Street/Johannesburg. Also, the application can be submitted to, until July 31st. The measurement whether your application is successful or not, it will be according to your academic records from your tertiary level or second education. Once they finished the screening, if you are qualified enough for the bursary scholarship, you have chance for the interview. The final step will be like; interview-satisfactory academic result-medical fitness.

Transnet Bursaries Programme

You are the chosen applicants that win engineering bursary scholarship at Transnet, signing contractual agreement is what yous should do next. The bursary can be renewed per year as far as you meet the requirements, but here are things you better know before applying the bursary opportunity; (1) you have to display good performance for academic result, (2) in case that for certain reason you can’t keep up and fail in certain subject, you have to pay yourself for the repeated course, and (3) you have to pay the official back if you think about terminating the bursary program from Transnet.

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