Trainee Retail Assistant Manager Opportunity At Dischem

Say that you have interest in retail industry, trainee retail assistant manager opportunity can be a great help for you. Since you will figure out the nook and cranny within the industry that help you a lot anytime you enter the industry. Claiming your position as trainee assistant manager, you are required to have as follow requirements; willingness to work within retail hours, you have your own vehicle that is reliable, and hold matric or any related diploma. In addition the program will put its preference for those who have experience in either FMCG or retail.

Available Learnerships

Which means, the moment you apply to win a position as trainee retail assistant manager, you already have understanding related to aforesaid. In addition, it will be better if have particular experience in leadership or management for minimum two years. What do you say? The mission of the training program that is set by Dischem is to prepare a future branch manager, so then they have proper knowledge and skills to deal with any challenges while doing their job. As you finish the training program, the first, you will have responsibility to handle both returns and sales.


Second, you will handle merchandising, receiving, and ordering of stock, and third, you’ll perform full in-store path. But what will you do within the program? As the trainee retail assistant manager, you hold duties and responsibilities within any aspects altogether with store operation disciplines that relate to employee relations to customer services, and the last one, general store operations. Duty and responsibility aside, you are obliged to always get involved in any of those previously mentioned. As this program is meant to train assistant manager, then you will be exposed with necessary training for skill development. Interested? Send your application that is available online none later than March 11th 2016.

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