Total Bursary Scholarship Programme

If you are a University or FET College student who looks for financial assistance to complete your tertiary education, take your time to source out valuable information about Total bursary scholarship. Anyway, what is this bursary all about? This bursary is designed to create chance for excellent young generation to improve their talent and skill, thus they can tackle down any viable obstacles to aim their future career. However, you must ensure that you are a learner whose field of disciplines are; internal auditing, marketing, law and governance, analytical chemistry, engineering, health and safety, environmental protection, human resources, and supply chain management/logistic.

To ensure that you have more chance for Total bursary scholarship, here are some other things you must be qualified with; (1) grade 12, but you need to have university immunity, (2) average 65% or above for both first or second years who yearn for continuing the bursary, (3) your age should be around 18 to 23, and (4) if you receive another source of financial assistance, your bursary application will be terminated. In addition, this bursary scholarship opportunity will put their preference toward previously disadvantaged individual. You need to tag along also; comprehensive CV with contact numbers, and it will be better if you put more list for contact or you can add more address on it.

Else, you have to accompany your application letter with motivation letter which is filled with some reasons about why you are suitable for this bursary programme, , certified copies for academic results and ID, letter of admission/proof of registration from your university/FET college, and proof of income (parents/guardian). Upfront, you have to download application form for Total bursary scholarship online. Complete it first, then together with other necessary documents, submit your application to before of by the closing date of the submission on November 30th 2015.