2018-2019 Thutuka Bursary Fund For Aspiring Bursars

Good opportunity for brilliants students who aim to be chartered accountant but dealing with financial restraint as Thutuka Bursary Fund is now opened. The mission of the bursary is to assist aspiring bursars to conquer any obstacles to achieve proper education in accounting. That said, you need to learn first the requirements for the bursary to make your application successful. This bursary opportunity available only for students who aim to enroll one within some these tertiary institutions, they are; University of Johannesburg, North West University, WITS, University of the Free State, University of Pretoria, Stellenbosch University, Rhodes University, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, and University of Cape Town.

Thutuka Bursary Fund

Meanwhile for the other requirements for Thuthuka Bursary Fund, it involves; (1) the possession of SA ID, (2) being either African or Colored, (3) can afford average 60% for Maths (but not a Maths Lit), (4) you hold Grade 12 and aim for B Comm. Accounting, (5) A Matric student in more than two years, (6) you are a brilliant bursar from a destitute family, and (6) pass NBT (the National Benchmark Test). Becoming the successful bursar of this bursary program, here are things you may get; tuition fees, living expense, residential allowance, textbook, mentorship program, program for additional academic support, and life skill training. Applications close usually on April.

Click here to download the Thuthuka Bursary Application Form, which must be forwarded to the address below upon completion.

Next thing is about applying for the bursary opportunity. You need beforehand to download the application form for applying the bursary. At one time you finish with the documentation for the bursary, you are allowed to post the application for the bursary to, Thutuka Bursary Fund/PO Box 59875/Kengray/2100. Let say that you have something on your mind related to the bursary program herein, feel free to deliver your questions by dialing the contact center of the bursary (08610 72422).