2018-2019 Thuthuka Bursary Program Fund

Bursary is a great opportunity for students with strong academic record but in need for financial assistance to grab their chance to join 2018, 2019 & 2020 Thuthuka bursary program fund. Joining a bursary program fund at Thuthuka, take some notes toward these following; (1) this bursary only for SA citizen (include colored skin’s applicants), (2) Maths capability, but not Math uteracy,(3) you are enrolled at recognized tertiary institution which are specified by Thuhuka. About the higher institutions, below you will find some of them.

Funza Lushaka Bursary

Thuthuka bursary program fund is designed only for those students who are registered at; Rhode University (Bachelor of Commerce for at least 2 years), Northwest University (Bcom CA), Stellenbosch University (BCom Accounting), University of Pretoria (BCom Accounting and Science), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (BCom Accounting), University of Johannesburg (Bachelor of Accounting), and many others. Any students who aim to join bursary program fund at Thuthuka should know that there are some other agreement within the bursary. There is application form that you should download and complete. Too, applying this bursary program fund means you should pass NBT (the National Benchmark Test), hold grade 12 result, and university’s provincial acceptance.

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Thuthuka Bursary Fund Information

Guess what? If you cannot provide at least one of them, your application is considered incomplete. And if you do nothing about it, it is impossible for you to win the position at Thuthuka bursary program fund. When you have everything that is necessary for the bursary, submit your application online before its closing date usually on April. That said, to find out whether your application for bursary program fund at Thuthuka is successful or not, if you get notification from the official within December, you can assume that your application is successful, and if it is the opposite, perhaps this time the bursary is not yours.