The Kantey Templar Bursary Opportunity Is Announced

Aspiring student with promising academic record, but deal with financial issue, Kantey Templar bursary may become a big help for you. Per year, they offer about R9000 to qualified students in numbers of South Africa Institutions. You know what, for about 80% they will distribute the bursary for potential student with destitute family background. Who are qualified to apply for the bursary? Applying for the bursary, you need to confirm that you are students from either university of technology or South Africa university that aim for technical diploma or BSc degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering.

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Additional thing that should be known by aspiring applicants if they want to win Kantey Templar bursary, be sure that you understand, the bursary is opened for those students who start their first year or those who already complete a one year of their tertiary institution with excellent academic record. That said, the latter category is preferred. If you think that you are deserved for the bursary opportunity that is offered by Kantey Templar, you better not skip this opportunity if you yearn for making change into your life through education.

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Before sending you application for Kantey Templar bursary, you need first to download the bursary application form by requested the application through 021 405 9600, or another way the application form is also obtainable from the official office in Cape Town. In addition, it is allowable for you to request the aforesaid by sending email to Once you get the application form and complete it properly, submit your application by attaching other important documents like your qualifications to, the Bursary Committee/Kantey&Templer (Pty)Ltd/PO Box 3132/Cape Town 8000. Before the closing date of the bursary on September 30th. You can as well send your application to the aforementioned email address or another way you fax the application, 021 419 6774.