Teaching Bursary/Scholarship Opportunity at Funza Lushaka for 2016

Through its multi-year bursary/scholarship program, Funza Lushaka has mission to assist those potential students of South Africa to pursue their dream of becoming a public school teacher by designing a teaching bursary to aid them in financing their teaching qualification that focus on the national area. Speak of the area of teaching, it includes FET phase, Intermediate phase, and the last one is basic phase. Take this bursary program as your opportunity to grab your teaching career in public school, the requirements involve; strong academic capability and also commitment in teaching career which mean you should have abundance of passion as teaching young people is not an easy stuff.

Available Bursaries

Funsa Lushaka Bursary

You should as well able to teach in any area that is notified by PED (the Provincial Education Department), and possess approved degree (PGCE) within two main areas. And for those who expect to teach in rural area, your chance for Funza Lushaka teaching bursary 2016 2017 and 2018 is wider. Before preparing anything to send your application through their internet website, you should know that after you complete your teaching qualification, you are obliged to teach in certain public school that is required by PED which interval for the teaching equals with the years that are taken for the bursary.

Apply for the Funza Lushaka: Teaching Bursary Programme

Teaching bursary at Funza Lushaka is kind of full time bursary where the bursars will be exposed with full accommodation (learning materials, meals, books and certain amount of allowance to assist per month expense) and tuition fees. When it comes to the bursary that is awarded, the amount can be varied which is depending on the institution. As far as you can maintain your excellent academic result, then you are allowed to repeat the bursary, however, bear in mind, if you are not capable to fulfill your duty as the bursars of Funza Lushaka for its bursary opportunity, you should repaid for the bursary. Nevertheless, for the new applicants you should apply before January 8th 2016.