Teaching Bursary Opportunity From Funza Lushaka

If you have no chance to join a teaching bursary that is designed by Funza Lushaka for students who yearn for completing their teaching qualification, self assure that you won’t miss the newest bursary opportunity by Funza Lushaka. The truth, they design a multi-year program for the bursary that they set, therefore all of the students that aim to teach for public school have their chance. In addition, a bursary that you get from this one is a kind of full-time bursary. Getting yourself involved to a bursary opportunity like this one, you are obliged to pass as follow competencies; good academic result, huge passion in teaching career, and an approved degree capability (PGCE within two fields).

Funza Lushaka Bursary

Let it alone, even you can request a placement for a public school within your province, but making sure that you can afford to teach in any area that is pointed by PED (Provincial Education Department). Nevertheless, Funza Lushaka teaching bursary put its preference for these three categories; an applicant who attempts to teach a rural area community, student from rural area, and the last one, student who is in need for financial assistance to complete a qualification in teaching.

Apply for the Funza Lushaka: Teaching Bursary Programme

Additional information for you, this teaching bursary will focus on suitable applicants that pursue these areas; (1) Foundation phase which attention is on original African language, (2) FET phase that include; Agricultural, Physical Science, Geography, Accounting, Economics, Information Technology and various others. You have to obtain two majors of above areas, (3) Middle and Senior phase that resolves around Natural Science, Mathematics, and Technology. Similar with the previous phase you need to master two in those areas which are mentioned. Before applying for this bursary, be sure you hold admission from your University then you can apply for the bursary through their website just before January 8th 2016.