Social Work Bursary Scholarship at Gauteng Department of Social Development

Working and get the best job in your life will be really good for your career. If you are a college student and you are looking for the better future job, you are also recommended to make your life to be really good. In this case, studying in the college will not be as easy as in the senior school. Especially for the financial needs, you will have to spend much expense for your need. Therefore, this is important for you to get the scholarship which will give you many advantages of living the college life comfortably without any bothering financial things.

When you are looking for the best scholarship, you can get the best one from the social work scholarship which is provided by the department of social development. The department will give you many advantages of having the scholarship for your need. The benefit of having this kind of scholarship will also good for you. This is because the scholarship will be really good and it will also cover the registration fee, tuition fee, book cost and also the official accommodation provided by the university, just like the official dorm for students. Closing date 12 October.

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If you are interested to join this program you have to be the South African citizen. Then, you have to also complete the entry requirements from the university you are in. Besides of that, attaching the documentation like CV, certified copies of grade 12, academic record, legal guardian or parents’ identity and also the proof of income of your parents are also required. The identity copy should also be considered. Those requirements, completed with the application form should be sent from your province because it will be selected from the province. For more information, you can contact the email address of official at or

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