2018-2019 SAP Scholarship Program Skills For Africa

There are many kinds of scholarships that available to assist talented young generation to explore their ideas through a proper education. Nevertheless, SAP scholarship is a training scholarship where the successful applicants will obtain a training to improve their skill that is related to the industry. Taking your chance for the scholarship that is situated in Cape Town, be sure that; you have SA citizenship, you are unemployed, hold a minimum GPA of 3.00 or grade C (ensure that you are graduated at least in last 3 years), Bachelor level for IT and its pertinent area.

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You should as well be able to communicate with English for both written and verbal, a problem solver, capability to operate MS Office, sound presentation skill, and a willingness to travel during the program. Think that you are qualified for SAP scholarship, shall you apply for the scholarship online to win the chance. Anyway, those who successfully win a position in the scholarship, good things are waiting for you, which include; training program from SAP with free cost in three month, active and stimulated project practice within the training scholarship, and you have chance to get certification for Official Associate Level SAP.

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Another benefits, you also gain additional chance of training in communication skill, presentation skill, design thinking, and some other necessary soft skills that really assist you to grow. Too, you will obtain access to make an entrance in internal SAP communities alongside with network, and the last one, the possibility for you to get SAP ecosystem internship after you’ve completed SAP scholarship is higher. However, in the way to achieve that internship opportunity at SAP, you should display your best performance within the training as that counts to determine whether you are qualified or not qualified for SAP ecosystem internship program.

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