SANBS Traineeship Opportunities

Chance to apply SANBS traineeship opportunities, is opened for trainee technician and trainee technologist. During the traineeship, potential trainees will undergo testing function, such as, investigations for transfusion reaction (preliminary), postnatal, and more. If you apply as trainee technician, you have to hold grade 12 alongside maths that is completed with one science subject, or else, Laboratory Assistant Learnership. Whilst, applicants that aim the opportunity as trainee technologist, you need to provide diploma majoring in biomedical technology. Additional competencies for the traineeship program, you will find them below.

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About the competencies for the traineeship at SANBS, applicants should, (1) have attention to detail and analytical thinking skills, (2) be able to solve any traineeship challenges/ problem solving skill, (3) capable to make decision or judgment based on certain circumstance during the traineeship, and (4) have monitoring, organizing, and planning skills. Not to mention, SANBS traineeship opportunities 2017, 2018 and 2019 require its applicants to, (a) be able to work overtime, if requested, (b) work with night shift or do weekend duties, (c) able to travel across or within nation, (d) have good physical condition, or you can handle environment with high-paced mobility, (e) detail awareness and good eyesight, and (f) if you suffer with color blind, you can’t apply the traineeship.


Hold qualifications for SANBS traineeship opportunities, SANBS encourages potential trainees to apply online for the training program via SANBS career page none later than its closing date on July 5th 2016. Everyday within traineeship program applicants will perform general function in certain period of time, that means, they will gain real-time experience as technicians or technologist in blood bank. You also have responsibility to undergo laboratory maintenance and instrument based on SOP specifications. Not to mention, you have to meet the quality requirements while doing your job as SANBS trainees according to SOP specifications, and more.

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