SAB Miller Unemployment Learnership

Learnership is a program that allows suitable students or unemployment graduates to obtain chance to learn more that what they get through classroom session. On another words, this is like a preparation phase that makes learners obtain peculiar understanding about the necessary things they should master to widen their path for employment opportunity. Turn into this point, those who are now expecting themselves to join a learnership program, unemployment learnership at SAB is a good opportunity for you. As SAB supports employment equity, the same thing applies to its learnership program. Thus, any suitable incountry unemployment graduates can apply.

The unemployment learnership program will take about 12 months which makes all of the successful learners are obligated to join the 12 months training successfully. That said, you cannot become a part of the program without meeting its minimum requirements. Speak for it, you better have as follow qualifications; (1) you should be unemployed graduate with possession of qualification in tertiary from Commercial, Supply Chan, or Logistic, (2) holding SAP qualification will be benefits you, (3) easily to adapt in a new environment, (4) capability in operating computer, and (5) skill to build a good rapport (excellent interpersonal skill).


Applying for unemployment learnership, other requirements that you should pass are; you have both sound skill in written and verbal communication, reliable self management, eligibility to work in such under pressure environment, reflects the value of the organization where you work through positive attitude, and have ability in numerical territory will make it perfect. Becoming their learners you will learn about packaging process like stacking and unloading materials flawlessly. The location for the learnership program is located in Mafikeng Depot. Before you apply for the learnership online, applicants should carefully check the requirements or qualifications properly, since, this is the main factor that determines your success to enter the learnership opportunity at SAB.