SAB Bursary Opportunity

A bursary opportunity is a great chance for incredible students who have a huge passion to learn but in need for financial assistance. Seek no more, this is it SAB bursary for talented students that pursue a scarce skill major or pertinent discipline that is needed by SAB. In addition, this bursary opportunity only for those students who are able to employ top notch standard for their education. It implies that any students who expect to apply for a bursary program by SAB, they should obtain excellent academic result. Despite that excellent academic result, each talented bursar have to perform good example in the society through positive behavior.

Winning a SAB bursary, it means you benefit yourself with financial aid to complete your education, both summer and vacation work within the bursary, being exposed to common challenge that usually appear within the industry and how to deal with it. SAB bursary allows you to join a trainee programme at one time you finish your education. Now it is the time to figure out the the requirements you have to meet for the bursary. Turn to this point, you need to hold Matric result, obtain average 75%, household proof of income, SA citizenship with ID, and parents/guardian ID.

Note, SAB bursary in designed for undergraduate degree and even though this bursary is opened for any students with excellent academic result, but the official with put their consideration first for a previously disadvantaged individual. Within the bursary, you should be able to show an incredible progress of your academic result, and ensure you can maintain a positive attitude. Submit your application with the companion of necessary documents to, Bursary Department/P.O Box 782178/Sandton/2146. In addition, this application will be opened next year on January 1st 2016. In case you have some questions on mind, within work hours you can contact 0118818111.