SA Student To Apply Chinese Government Scholarship 2018-2019

For aspiring students who love to spend their education outside the country, Chinese government scholarship seems to be a good chance to consider since you will gain opportunity to spend your education life in Chinese institution. Speak of scholarship from Chinese government, this one is designed for a non-degree for Chinese language studies, post graduate and undergraduate. That said, if you are a post graduate student, the chance to win the bursary is higher. Too, those with previously disadvantaged background shall apply for the scholarship. Put it aside, applying for the scholarship, ensure that you have both good academic record and good health.

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Another criteria, be sure that you display your interest to study in China, and as well you better show your commitment that you are care about the development of your country, South Africa. So then, if you are a student with these mentioned majors; telecommunication, statistics, space science and technology, renewable energy and nuclear, natural and physical science, maritime studies, management, human and social dynamics, engineering sciences, climate changes, Chinese language studies, and biotechnology, you can apply for Chinese government scholarship. Other requirements for the scholarship; (1) national senior certificate/bachelor’s degree with average 60%, this is for under 25 years old applicant.

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Then, (2) bachelor’s degree (hons)/masters degree with average 65%, this one is for applicant under 35, (3) master’s degree/doctoral degree with average 65%, it is for under 40 applicant, and (4) Chinese language studies with national senior certificate or its related area with average 60% for under 35 applicant. Just in case you have some questions related to Chinese government scholarship, you can email your questions to or you can dial 012 312 5287 within office hour. The deadline of the scholarship is usually on March, any lateness will lead to application discouragement.