2018-2019 SA Navy Military And Functional Training Program

Military and functional training at SA Navy opens opportunity for qualified young generation who have such a dream to serve their country in uniform. Also known as MSDS (military skills development system) where you have chance to spend about two year to access both military and functional training. The requirements to be successful applicant for this military skill development system are separated in three parts, such as; general requirement, requirement for matric applicant, and requirement for graduates applicant. The general requirement covers; citizenship of South Africa, clean criminal record, you are single and has no physical disability, follow some tests that are required, and you have no phobia for height or a confined space (claustrophobia).

Available Bursaries

If you are a matric applicant, to successfully apply for military and functional training, the requirements will be; (1) if you are a combat applicant, then you hold Grade 12 with physical science and English (obtain minimum level 3 for each subject), ages around 18 to 22 years old, (2) if you are technical and engineering applicant, then you have to hold grade 12 with physical science and maths (you at least obtain level 3 per subject). Too, your ages should be around 18 to 22 years old.

Navy Military Careers

Meanwhile, for those graduates applicant 2018, 2019 & 2020, your requirements are; you hold degree/national diploma/N6/or Grade 12 with trade test certificate for electrical engineering, marine, or mechanical. Else, you have to hold Grade 12, but this time with pertinent qualification like human resources and logistics. Your ages should around 18 to 26. With your application, you need to attach short, yet effective CV, your qualifications, copy for ID and matric certificate. Submit your application for military and functional training program to, department of defense/SA Navy headquarter or recruitment center/private bag x104/Pretoria 0001. Be sure that you download the application form beforehand. Nevertheless, the opportunity will be ended usually on February. For questions, you can call 012 339 4000 (SA Navy Recruitment Centre).

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