Reserve Bank Art Bursary Scholarship in South Africa

Scholarship is now easier to come by. There are great possibilities as long as the one who really wants the scholarship has passion to find one. For those who are reaching this page, they are lucky. It is because there is a fresh scholarship that may match for current needs. The scholarship is provided by South African Reserve Bank Scholarship. This scholarship is quite beneficial because it provides a great amount of cash. R 50,000 is the amount that can be obtained after being accepted in this program. Such amount is definitely enough for fulfilling daily needs as well as tuition fee.

For the details, the scholarship is designed for students who will enter Fine Art degree in 2016. That means, anyone who is eligible can try to follow this scholarship. In addition, the students should be coming from university of technology in Gauteng. It is meant for obtaining better human resource from people in this area. Reserve bank scholarship also requires the participants to join mentorship program. The program will not be too excessive, and anyone can join this program easily. In addition, the participants should provide one artwork which was created previously in their study period to the bank. It is somehow similar to token for gratitude, and it will be displayed by the bank.

Click here to download the applications form and submit the completed form to the following email address: The deadline for submission is 24 October 2015.

Selection process:

  1. Applicants will be shortlisted based on artwork submitted, artist statement and academic results.
  2. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed at the Bank’s Head Office in Pretoria.
  3. The successful candidate will be notified after submission of final 2015 results and proof of registration for 2016.

Via – SARB

For those who are really willing to join this scholarship, they need to submit the application form. In addition, there will be some photos of the artworks for proofs. The replica also should be presented afterwards. In addition to the real work, there should be artist statement. It contains information about each participant especially in terms of strength. In addition, there should be information why they are eligible to receive the scholarship. Reserve bank scholarship also requires full academic transcript within 2015 for completing the form.