Requirements For Masters Bursary At Cenfri

Any of you understand that a bursary opportunity is a solution that is worth a consideration for student with excellent brain, but has no luck to finance their education. As for that reason to secure and protect talented young generation future, Cenfri progressively schemes masters bursary for aspiring students that in need of financial aid to complete their masters qualification. Nevertheless, here are requirements to win the bursary; (1) you are a SA citizen that stay permanently in there, (2) you are a recent masters student that has good standing with your University, (3) recently complete masters education in Economy major, strong English skill, (4) huge passion in research-related event, and some more.

ZA Bursaries

Other things which are also essential as the consideration to secure your position in masters bursary opportunity at Cenfri, it covers; (a) knowledge within international development or development economy will advantage you, (b) understanding the analysis of household for survey data and Stata also benefits you, (c) excellent presentation and writing skills, (d) passion in doing research and love the idea about traveling within SA and outside the country, (e) you are able not only to work as individual, but also in team, (f) bold interpersonal skill, and capability to utilize MS Office application.


Still about the requirements to apply for the bursary at Cenfri it would be better if you can master another language beside English, such as Portuguese, Spanish, France or its combination will widen your chance to secure your position. As the bursary that is designed is masters bursary, therefore this opportunity is only for qualified masters students either in their first year or final year. You should know, once you complete the bursary, you have chance to start and build your career under Cenfri. More information, spare some of your time to visit Cenfri Career Page.