RCL Foods Bursary Programme

Chance to continue your education with convenient and ease, is offered to you by RCL Foods. That’s right, RCL Foods is recently announced their latest bursary programme to support youth with potential in South Africa to have easy access to complete their tertiary qualification. Unfortunately, RCL Foods bursary programme is not for any field of studies. However, if you enroll to critical and scarce skill, this bursary programme is for you. Nevertheless, here are the field of studies you should apply to win RCL Foods bursary opportunity, animal sciences, agriculture, logistics, supply chain, and engineering. Below, you will find more information about the said bursary programme.

RCL Foods Bursary Programme

RCL Foods bursary programme 2017, 2018 & 2019 offers its applicants not only financial support to assist it successful bursars, but also work exposure to gives its potential applicants necessary skills that they don’t have access in the classroom, this way, the bursars will have necessary arsenal as they are already familiar with work environment,thence it will ease them in many ways to function properly when entering the industry. Those who don’t know, as part of the bursary contract, due to the completion of the bursary, successful bursars have opportunity to build their career with RCL Foods.

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Potential bursars of RCL Foods bursary programme, they should; (1) have keen interest to study one of the aforesaid subjects, (2) hold matric with average 60% and above, or if you are already registered at higher education students, you should possess above average 60% to apply the bursary opportunity, and (3) you are hardworking personal. Hold the application above and have a huge dream to build your career with RCL Foods, apply online the bursary program before the deadline which is on October 31st. Qualified applicants also can dig more information related to the bursary opportunity through the RCL Foods’ website. Late application is not acceptable.

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