Qualified Technician/Trainee/Technologist Of Relief Blood Bank Learnership Opportunity

Whether you aim for such an experience as technologist, qualified technician or a trainee to deal with the hustle and bustle of blood bank routine, take your chance to join Relief Blood Bank learnership to performs some routines related to blood transfusion and so on. In the way to have a huge picture of the things that you are obliged to, understand first some other competencies and key of performance area will be helpful. First for the key performance; you need to complete laboratory maintenance and instrument based on that specifications on SOP. You need to be able to reach quality based on standard that is written on SOP as well.

And the last one is, be sure that you know how to attain targets and operational objectives related to the specified area. Finish with the key of performance, once you are selected as part of Relief Blood Bank learnership opportunity, here are some other criteria you better match, so then you deal with no hassle while doing your task, they are; your eyes should be on its best condition, hold driver license, able to perform night shift and also weekend duties if necessary, has no problem to work overtime, good mobility and endurance, detail oriented, and some others.

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Per applicant has different minimum qualification, if you aim for Relief Trainee Technician, then you must provide maths with grade 12 alongside with other science subject, or you have experience in laboratory assistant learnership. If it is Relief Blood Bank Technologist, ensure that you have diploma for biomedical technology. The last one, when it comes to Relief Qualified Technician, then you must have HPSCA registration in blood transfusion (medical technician), also you need to have experience on that sector beforehand. Send your application online either you choose Parktown or Mpumalanga. In addition, the closing date of this learnership/traineeship programe is unspecified.