PWC Bursary For Qualified Applicants

Bursary opportunity provides significant impact for students with disadvantaged background to continue their tertiary education. Thence if you are looking for one in this very moment, there is PWC bursary opportunities to apply. However the bursary is limited only for students that aim for CA degree (chartered accountant) from a recognized SAICA (South Africa Institute Of Chartered Accountants). Before anything else, this bursary is for suitable students with sound academic record and students from a destitute family. Another requirements that are necessary to apply for the bursary, you’ll find them below.

ZA Bursaries

Applying for PWC bursary program, it means you should have; (1) Grade 12 with Maths (but not Math Literacy) and English, (2) you have to obtain above average 60% for all the subjects that you take, (3) leadership potential, (4) have committed and determination to learn and maintain excellent academic record, (5) strong interpersonal and communication skills, (6) English proficiency, (7) you are engaged with particular extramular activities either at your school or university. Have all of the requirements that are required by its official, be sure to apply. The bursary opportunity will be spread in these follow SAICA; Mafikeng, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Secunda.


Let say that you need further information related to the bursary, you may visit the official’s career page to source some other information that may necessary to PWC bursary. Suppose that your application for the bursary is successful, you should know that in the way to keep the bursary within your education, you are obliged to maintain your excellent academic record. After reading all of the information above, if you have interest and also qualified to join the bursary opportunity, take your time to carefully prepare any pivotal things like important documents and some others before submit the application. Bursary opportunity at PWC is not specified its closing date.