P2 Graduate Learnership Programme From Air Liquide

The opportunity to join P2 graduate learnership programme is for students with completed S4 that looks for P2 qualification as their requirement to graduate. Nonetheless, the main concern of the graduate learnership is to let suitable applicants get better insight within operations to process to production. Wining the chance that is given to you by Air Liquide, note these requirements; (1) have possession of national diploma in chemical (S4), (2) you have license, and (3) students that are in need of doing P2. But the requirements are not stopping there, be sure that you have the below mentioned competencies.

Available Learnership

Are you looking for a chance to win P2 graduate learnership program by Air Liquide, ensure that you are capable in; (1) processing information, (2) building reliable network, (3) strong communication skill, (4) critical analysis and logical thinking, (4) excellent time management skills, thence you can stick to schedule effortlessly, (5) respect and oblige the rules, (6) solution oriented and attention to detail, (7) a good listener and capability to manage internal and external conflicts, and many other. The training program will be located in Gauteng territory, as well, it will be closed on May 25th 2016, thus you should to apply online for the training program before the mentioned date.

Apply Online for Air Liquide Learnership Programme

During P2 graduate learnership program, those applicants that successfully claim their position will learn anything necessary to be part of the industry, which are; (1) facility housekeeping and capability to both identify and report any shortcoming, (2) quality and SHE performance, (3) capability to represent information that related to the plant, (4) undergo log readings and plan inspections, (5) conduct any task (reasonable) that is requested within the program as the way to attain goal and position, and many others. Qualified applicants that display marvel performance, they have chance to work permanently with Air Liquide.

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