Old Mutual Education Trust Scholarship Program

Old Mutual Education Trust invites hardworking students with excellent academic record for their recent scholarship opportunity. This is, in fact, a good chance as the amount of scholarship is huge, therefore, you can study your major with convenience, what’s more, the categories of scholarship are varied. However the scholarship is limited only to those that have relationship or become member of trade unions, such as, SASBO, SADTU, SACWU, SACCAWU, DENOSA, and more. But that’s not the only requirements so then, you can successfully win the scholarship. Some other additional requirements are there to decide whether you have chance or you have not, for the scholarship.

Old Mutual Bursary

Joining Old Mutual Education Trust, you have to pursue one of these mentioned field of studies; (1) mathematical sciences, (2) law, (3) industrial arts/technology/trades,(4) health care & health sciences, )5) engineering & engineering technology, education (ACE include), (6) data processing & computer science, (7) communication, (8) busines, commerce & management sciences, (9) environmental & architectural studies, (10) agricultural studies, and (11) physical, biological & chemical science. Students who are awarded with the scholarship, you have no worry toward; registration fee, tuition fee, prescribed books and some other necessary materials, and full time meal and accommodations.

Apply Online Old Mutual Education Trust Scholarship

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Further requirements of scholarship opportunity from Old Mutual Education Trust, then you should be, staff or you should be staff member from the trade unions stated above, or else  make sure that you are children of the staff member under 25. Another you are grandchild from staff member that is under 25 years old, who still not reliable in financial standing or you are still dependent financially toward your guardian. Submit your application online for the scholarship right before its deadline on July 31st 2016. Only if you have something to ask related to the scholarship program, directly email your questions to, OMEducationTrus@oldmutual.com .

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