NSFAS Bursary Application are Open

Good news for talented students that aim to get financial aid through bursary as NSFAS bursary application is recently opened. The application for the bursary itself is started from August 1st to its closing date on November 30th. And that chance is designed only for new students who will start their academic year on 2017 for either TVET colleges or public universities. Students who already get the bursary previously by NSFAS, they also have chance to be part of the bursary, however there are some processes to follow.

NSFAS Bursary Application

Ensuring that you are worth for 2017, 2018 & 2019 NSFAS bursary application, the designer of the bursary will check your academic performance before you are considered as potential bursars. Usually, the official will request information from your institution and after they have access toward any information that is necessary, you will get text message notification about whether you are qualified or not for the bursary. The chance for the bursary is given also for suitable applicants who are recently entered the above mentioned tertiary institution, but never receive any bursary from NSFAS. Unlike the previously mentioned applicants, you only can apply for the bursary on September 1st and it will be ended on November 30th.


If you want to know further about NSFAS bursary application, make sure to find them through their website, therefore you can figure any additional things which are necessary to win the bursary like application information some useful links and more. Remember that, NSFAS offers the bursary for different categories of students. And obviously, you have to pay attention to it. Those who will attend and already attend TVET colleges/public universities have the same date for the deadline of the bursary, however those who will start their academic year can apply first on August 1st, while for students who just entered the aforesaid higher institutions, you can apply next month on September 1st.

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