NFVF National Film Video Foundation Bursary Programme

Students with potential that aim to study Film and TV disciplines, a NFVF bursary programme is worth applying. However, you need to keep this in mind, the bursary will not include either Acting or Live Performance programmes. Surely, to catch global challenge, if it is necessary, as the chosen major is not available in any South African higher institution, potential bursars have chance to attain overseas bursary. To win the bursary, potential bursars should meet the bursary criteria, which are; (1) you should be a citizen of SA, (2) hold excellent academic record, (3) previously advantaged individual, and (4) registered at recognized public South African tertiary institution.

ZA Bursary

The chance for NFVF bursary programme is given for full time students who aim for undergraduates qualification or post graduate either degree or diploma in Film or TV field of study.  Motivation letter is necessary. Inside your motivation letter ensure you state the reason why you deserve the bursary programme. Tag along documents that are requested. Not to mention, you have to download the application form, else you can apply for the bursary online. Only if you have something on mind about the bursary program like the requirements process and so forth, deliver your inquiries to, (Lebohang Khunou).

Click here to download the national bursary application form or apply online.

August 31st is the closing date of NFVF bursary programme 2017, 2018 & 2019, therefore if you apply later than the closing date, your application will fail. Another reason why you can’t win the bursary is that because, (1) you complete the application with false information or, the application is not complete, (2) the supporting documents that are requested by the bursary is not there with your application or you carelessly send a non-certified document, and (3) when you send the application through fax or email, there is impossible for you to grab your chance for the bursary.

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