2018-2019 NeedBank CA Trainee Opportunity

NeedBank CA Trainee will be exposed for both work and learn experience from the best to become the best. That is why, when the chance comes, be sure you take this opportunity to be a part of it. Not to mention, but those who look for some ways to build their career within this industry, relying on the opportunity that is given by NeedBank is worth considering. Unlike common traineeship opportunity you may find, it is kind of rare to get one where you have chance to build your career opportunity by only becoming the part of the team.

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What’s else? NeedBank CA Trainee obtains access to the real thing, such as, they have their own team, they will pursue the real goal, alongside with some learning, support and guidance from those who have both experience and expertise in the industry. It is not that surprising that once they finish the traineeship program, they have perfect foundation when it comes to values and visions to improve themselves to grab better opportunity within the industry. Especially for NeedBank trainees, you will undergo either six or eighteen months rotations that rely upon your needs.


What it takes to apply for CA traineeship at NeedBank? First, you have undergraduate degree in CA-stream for these following major; B Acc, Bcompt, Bcom Acc, or BBusSci. Second, you will complete one of these following; PGDA,Bcom Acc Honours, CTA or UNISA CTA for its 2nd part, or some others that are equivalent with the aforementioned in 2018, 2019 & 2020. Becoming NeedBank CA Trainee, your responsibilities will cover; managing process, dealing with financial and business results, handling transformation and change, maintaining stakeholder relationship, and many other things. For you to know the traineeship will be mostly conducted in Gauteng, but there are some opportunities for NeedBank trainee to spend their rotation in Cape Town, London, and Durban. Find more information through the official career post.