Music Bursaries At SAMRO Foundation

Have talent in music and look for formal education to learn more about music, but you have no adequate fund? Fear not, music bursaries designed by SOMRA Foundation get you covered. Within the program, you will be awarded as much as R10 000. That said, it is way wiser that before submitting your application for the bursary, you learn about necessary information that makes you successfully win the bursary. Music bursary at SOMRA Foundation only invites qualified bursars who are; a full time student that enrolled into SA tertiary institution whether in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. In addition, this bursary is also designed for doctoral degrees, honors, and masters.

ZA Bursaries

Too, you are a citizen of SA, Swaziland, Lesotho, or Botswana who are aiming either diploma or degree with music major. Nevertheless, if you are students from private institutions, bridging programs, students that are still in their first year, you have no chance for music bursaries at SOMRA Foundation. To apply for SOMRA bursary, first, you need to download the application form. Second, you need to prepare, registration proof (2016), copy of ID, two current letter of preferences, and recent academic result/2015 examination result. For those who are master and doctoral applicants, you need to add synopsis (5-8 pages) about your thesis.

Click here to download the application form

After you prepare all of the necessary documents and requirements, directly you can send the application online none later that its deadline on 31st Feb 2016, or else your chance to win SOMRA music bursaries will be dismissed. Other things that lead to unsuccessful application are, if your application is incomplete, you submit two or more applications, and you forget to add necessary document that is requested by SOMRA Foundation. You may have some questions in your mind toward the bursary opportunity, if that the case, you can email or simply if you need further information.

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