MTN SA Foundation Bursaries Opportunities

You may think about stopping your dream to continue your education due to financial restraint, but you know what? There are always be bursary opportunities you can rely on to assist you to finance your education, and one of them is designed by MTN SA Foundation. Do you expect to win the bursaries? Be sure you can afford as follow requirements; (1) hold SA citizenship, (2) completed a full-time undergraduate studies from a recognized SA tertiary institution, (3) hold minimum average 60% for Physical Science and Pure Maths, (4) posses Grade 12 with average 80, (5) when you enroll into the tertiary institution you need to keep minimum average 80%, and(6) you have to under 21 years old.

Available Bursaries

What do you think about the requirements for the bursary opportunities at MTN SA Foundation? Though you have those, the chance will be dismissed if you are not aware about areas of studies you should apply as this one plays a significant part. When it comes to MTN SA Foundation bursaries, be sure that the field of study which you pursue is one among these; Engineering and Operations for Electronic Engineering/Electronic which focus is on Current Light.

Another is Accounting for Mathematics/BCom Accounting (CA Route). The last one is Information Technology for Information System, BSc Computer Engineering, or BSc Computer Science. Prior to apply for the bursaries opportunities, keep in mind that the field of studies that are accepted for the bursaries are those coming from University for its Degree or University of Technology for its Diploma. If you find yourself can meet the aforesaid requirements, you can email,, guess what? There you will source in details information related to the bursary programs. In addition, you will also can access the application form that is necessary for you to apply for MTN SA Foundation bursaries.

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