2018-2019 Mtema Mashao Bursary, Chances, And Requirements

Mtema Mashao bursary is a bursary that is schemed in an attempt to cater assistance for qualified applicants to get better education to improve their skill and knowledge, to widen their career opportunity in the company. Obviously, Mtema Mashao and its bursary opportunity will give their preference toward those applicants with financial difficulty, however, they should first meet the requirements that are devised by Mtema Mashao for whatever major that they take through the higher institution that they apply. Anyway, are you ready for the bursary? Ascertain, that you understand the requirements to successfully win the bursary.

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Straight to the point, the requirements for Mteam Mashao bursary covers; (1) South Africa citizenship, (2) appropriate ages like 18 to 26, (3) the bursary will put its interest for those candidates with disadvantaged background, but first they should meet the requirements, such as, excellent academic record, (4) the minimum academic record should be the aggregate with C symbol, and (5), the company has the right to decide who will pass and who will not the bursary, however, the decision will be determined by the needs of the company and for sure, it depends as well with company’s financial statement. Do you think you can afford those requirements? If so, be sure to apply.

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You need first, nevertheless, to download the bursary application form, then provide any necessary information and documents. Remember, the application should be submitted before its deadline on October 30th this recent year. Winning the position within Mteam Mashao bursary, your benefits will be; full tuition coverage, free prescribed books, meals, and accommodation. Bear in mind that the money of the bursary will be paid not to the bursars, but directly to the institution or one’s that is identified by the institution. In case you have any questions related to the bursary, you can find some through the official website.