Metropolitan Call Centre Leanership Opportunity

Metropolitan Call Centre Learnership is a programme which will train the participants to work and qualified in Call Centre Support with National Certificate. This programme helps the learners to be ready for the workplace, such as Medical Aid Administration and insurance industry. The duration of the programme is 12 months or a year. The participants need to attend classrooms and join the job training in order to achieve the goal of the programme.

There are several requirements of Metropolitan Call Centre Leanership. The participants must have graduated from Senior High School or twelve grades. The applicants must master Microsoft Office and you need to master several skills, such as Mathematical Literacy, Pure Mathematics, official language and also English. The participants are limited to only the unemployed as you have to stay in the programme for 12 months. Other requirements are, the participants must have good communication skill as you need to know certain information from the customers. You need to be able to work under pressure as well, if you want to join the programme. Having skill in problem solving is also needed for the participants, you need to be creative and innovate. The applicants must also have self-management, pay attention to details and high level of accuracy. These skills are very important in the job field and if you have already mastered these requirements, you only need to sharpen the skills in the programme. Closing date 31 December 2015.

Apply Online for the Metropolitan Call Centre Learnership Programme

In conclusion, Metropolitan Call Center Learnership programme is the opportunity which you should not miss. It will be guaranteed that you will get a job easily after you finish the programme. You can even choose which company that makes you interested. Furthermore, you will not only get new knowledge in the programme but also experiences which are going to help you in the future.