Mazars Bursary Opportunity South Africa

Bursary opportunity becomes one among few solutions any students with destitute family background to fulfill their wish to continue their education. Not to mention, education is for anyone, and any restraint should be dismissed, thus there is bursary to assist excellent students that are in need of financial aid to grant their wish to continue their dream to have proper education. Thence, are you seeking for a bursary opportunity? Consider Mazars bursary opportunity. However, bear in mind that a bursary opportunity is not for anyone, as there are some requirements to match. Only if you want to know further, scroll down.

ZA Bursaries

Marzars bursary opportunity invites only committed and talented applicants to join their bursary, and if you are one of those talented students with excellent academic results, that have AA attribute on you, shall you apply. About the application, here are things you need to know to ensure whether the chance of the bursary is yours or the opposite. First, you are students who aim a recognized degree of SAICA in a SAICA recognized tertiary institution. Second, you are students who already enrolled to the earlier mentioned degree and higher institution. Third, you are one who seek for career opportunity at Mazars.


Before sending your application, it sounds wiser for you to know your duty and responsibility while accepting Mazars bursary opportunity. When it comes to it, then be sure you are; (1) capable to join social function, if it is requested, (2) able to finish a 3 (three) year SAICA TIPP with bursary provider (Mazars Moores Rowland), (3) you have to inform your academic result by submitting it to the official per semester, and (4) you should be always available to undergo minimum once year vacation work, and that’s all. Those who expect to apply, the closing date of the bursary is on October 31st 2016.