Maritime Economist Traineeship Opportunity At EMC

Maritime economist traineeship is one among other training and skill development programs from EMC. The traineeship provides its successful applicants that aim to be a maritime economist to have their chance to understand about what is necessary to enter the industry. Nevertheless, the chance is given for qualified applicants who hold bachelor of commerce degree in economics. In addition, if you hold masters/honours degree for economics, that will provide you better chance. Ensure that you can perform; analyzing result, writing proposal or report, creating solution, keeping up accurate records, displaying costs, and other essential skills that you need as maritime economist.

Available Learnerships

You are interested applicants that meet the requirements for maritime economist traineeship, you can apply for the traineeship by submitting both covering letter and curriculum vitae through email address; before the deadline of the program on May 18th 2016. Indeed, the position to work with EMC is limited, however, you have huge possibilities as the industry looks for a maritime economist as part of their team. During the traineeship program you will discover knowledge about how to perform your duty as maritime economist just like the below mentioned.

Joining EMC maritime economist traineeship you will understand about how to; (1) evaluate the financial and economic status at port, (2) examine the economics factors that become part any product distributions maritime-related, (3) analyze finance technique and if necessary you should suggest improvements, (4) make a plan of organizational structure of business concern that is related to the industry, (5) learn about government regulation that affects the industry, and some others. There you will experience on-the-job training program to make yourself familiar with your duty, role, and responsibilities as a maritime economist alongside with the possible obstacle to conquer while performing your job. This is exactly a scarce job where there is huge gap between the position that is available and the human resource.

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