List For Armscor Graduate Internship Program

Obviously, it is not all, however for most employers, they put more their interest toward those applicants that have knowledge in doing their job. That’s why a graduate internship program is very pivotal, and it is very recommended for unemployed graduate to apply first for graduate internship that is relevant with their qualification rather than seek around for the job. So to speak a graduate internship, Armscor graduate internship is worth applying for those who seek in-depth understanding in analytical chemistry and engineering. Interested? You first need to match the requirements.

Government Learnerships

The requirement for Armscor graduate internship opportunity are; you hold bachelor degree’s within analytical chemistry, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering. Meanwhile for the graduate internship program to apply, (1) electrical engineers in training (Ref.Nr.DY16/3/1), (2) mechanical engineers in training (Ref.Nr.DY16/3/2), and (3) analytical chemist in training (Ref.Nr.DY16/3/3). That being said, during the graduate internship program all of the successful interns will gain opportunity to undergo tasks that are related to the the training program that they choose. You can submit your application through email at Keep in mind that you need to put your job title within the subject heading.

Another important thing any suitable applicants for Armscor graduate internship program to know, you are not allowed to enclose the copies of your qualifications and SA ID together with the first application of yours. Too, be sure that the application is submitted before its closing date on March 31st 2016, and make a mental note that any lateness for the application will dismiss your chance to win a graduate internship at Armscor. Now, the opportunity for the graduate internship is also available for qualified applicants with disabilities. Finally, those who are considered as the shortlisted applicants should undergo psychometric assessment, some background check up and verification for the qualification.

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