LGSETA Bursary Program

Students who have interest in government department, LGSETA bursary scholarship program is probably what you need. Nevertheless, only for those students that are interested in scarce skills have chance for the bursary scholarship. There is another consideration that is used by LGSETA to determine before they zip their decision, such as ; unemployed youth, people with disabilities, citizen of SA, and those who are PDI (previously disadvantaged individual). Any students who are interested toward the bursary scholarship by LGSETA, they should know that the chance will be given but those who decide to continue their education in TVT colleges, Universities of Technology, and Public Universities that spread around South Africa.

LG SETA Bursary

What the bursary covers to you? Assisting aspiring young generation to continue their education to achieve their future career, LGSETA bursary scholarship program offers, residence fees, books, tuition fees, and also registration fees. If you want to know, the amount of bursary that is offered can be more than R 50 000 per year. You know what the qualifications to match, ensure that you understand the proper way to apply the bursary scholarship. For starter, you need to download the application form for the bursary.

Download Application forms

Since improper application will be not considered, after you complete the application form, double check the completed application of LGSETA bursary scholarship to give you peace of mind that you fill anything properly. Email your application to, Bursaryapp@lgseta.org.za or, you can submit your application to, LGSETA/47 Van Buuren Road/Bedfordview. The application should be sent before its closing date on May 31st  2016. For both ways you apply for the bursary, make sure that you emphasize LGSETA bursaries for the attention. The availability of the bursary is limited, therefore, in the case that you receive notification from the official from thirty days of the closing date, your application is successful.

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