KPMG Chartered Accountancy Bursaries

Are you looking for a bursary opportunity? Your wish is granted if you look for a bursaries for chartered accountant. Anyway, this is what are you looking? Not to mention, but for 2016 KPMG invites talented applicants who have huge interest of becoming a chartered accountant to take benefits from the chartered accountancy bursaries that they design. You can leave, if this one is not what are you yearned for, but if it is read on. Within the bursary program, successful bursar will gain privilege for support structure and many others that is useful for self-growth.

Available Bursaries

Guess what? Chartered accountancy bursaries will allow you to join in-house board exams, and yes, it is not the only thing. You will be also supported with a team that really concern about not only your learning process, but your development as well. That said, how to apply for the accountancy bursaries at KPMG? There are some requirements you should follow that include; (1) CTA (Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy) or the one that is equivalent with it that you get from recognized university (SAICA), and (2) you are required as well to be able to deal with deadline and under pressure environment.

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What it feels to join chartered accountancy bursaries? First, you will be exposed with a 36 month for training contract. Too, you will obtain professional challenge to help you to grow and become an excellent chartered accountant. In addition you will also get package for remuneration during the bursary. What’s else? Take your chance to participate this bursary opportunity, you have chance to become a part of challenging and supporting environment that really are useful to assist you to develop your skills. Then, how to send your application? The only way for you to apply for this bursary is online. However, be sure that you apply it one before the closing date of the application which is on February 24th 2016.