Join Stefanutti Stocks Bursary Programme 2018-2019

Are you an energetic and motivated engineering student? Do you want to receive a scholarship from South Africa’s leading construction company? This is the right time for you to utilize the chance from Stefanutti Stocks bursary, a construction company which has over 12.000 employees. Stefanutti Stocks has a capacity to deliver a range of projects of any scale to a multitude of clients in diverse markets. Stefanutti Stocks has one big vision to be a dynamic group delivering complete construction and contracting solutions. To reach its vision, Stefanutti Stocks has a mission, is maximise stakeholder values by building a sustainable business presence in Africa and targeted international markets.

So, don’t waste this great chance to be one of Stefanutti Stocks bursary receivers. For you those who majoring in civil engineering, especially for these following qualification: 1) BSC Civil Engineering; 2) B.Eng; 3) B.Ing; and 4) Ndip Civil Engineering, you are our candidates. Surely you have a responsible to study and excel in your degree/diploma as a proof that only motivated student who will receive this scholarship. Then, you have to ensure all of the subjects is passed and have a vacation work before you apply for Stefanutti Stocks bursary.

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Apply for the Stefanutti Bursary Programme

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Now, please note the requirements. As a candidate, you have to have completed your first year of studies and also excels in Mathematic and Structural Analysis. If you are proper with those requirements, please log on to website  and apply online application.Click “Register Now” button to make an account, then log in with your account. Don’t forget to add your motivation, energy, and also your skills to compete with the internal employees in order to get this scholarship. Because only a competent applicant, will be considered to receive the Stefanutti Stocks bursary. Therefore, you will be eligible to be chosen as one of the recipients of the bursary program.

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