In Service Trainee Opportunity In Quality Assurance

In service trainee opportunity is a traineeship program that is designed for potential applicants that are interested within quality assurance industry. Make yourself eligible for the traineeship, you should; (1) successfully complete your theoretical modules and also practical capability to expose, and (2) you hold related qualification for food technology, biotechnology, and microbiology. In addition, you need to convince ABI Devland Manufacturing as the official of the traineeship that you have excellent understanding toward; maths, physics, biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, and any relevant field of study laboratory practices and policies together with food industry.

Available Internship

Relevant skills to get yourself in service trainee program, it helps you to have more chance to aim the position for the traineeship. Speak of skills to have, they are; (1) steady progress in a challenging environment, (2) capability to classify and utilize recent trends, (3) good point in decision making, (4) you are able to apply the theory that you have to make betterment for the industry, and many others. Not to mention, your personal attitude will be considered by the official. Guess what? Only good in academic records are not enough to gain your future career, it takes good attitude as well.


Have interest with people and so passionate about building effective rapport with them, it will accelerate your opportunity to successfully join in service trainee program. And certainly, qualified applicants that is energetic, positive, and ambitious, they have good chance to attend the traineeship opportunity. Developing your knowledge and experience in quality assurance department you will; (1) undergo quality test, (2) collect the reports, (3) communicate the specs of the products or packages, so then it will meet with the company standard, and (4) the cost that is used should be cut down and stored, thence it can be used as information for audit purposes. The application, however, you can apply it online.

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