2018-2019 Implats Bursaries

Giving opportunity for talented applicants to access higher education, 2018, 2019 & 2020 Implats bursaries come to help as far as they meet the least requirements to win the bursaries at Implats, such as C symbol for both Maths and English. In addition, the bursaries are destined only for applicants that pursue as follow field of studies; human resources (Bcom) to honors degree, survey, accounting to honors degree, geology to honors degree, chemistry to honors degree, electrical in heavy current, mechanical, chemical, metallurgy, mining, and the last one is engineering. Winning the bursaries you will be drenched with plentiful of benefits.

ZA Bursaries

Implats bursaries for 2018. 2019 & 2020 will cover your tuition and registration fees, cash allowance, residence fees, and computer that you get within second year of your study. Those aforesaid are not the only benefits which are accessible, the qualified bursars at Implats obtain opportunity through supportive environment to help them grow and develop their own competencies. Too, there is training you should join to leash your hidden potential. That said, successful bursars at Implats should spend some time to assist the company by working to them with the same period of the bursary that is taken by the bursars.


You also oblige to take vacation work that is conducted at the company in the end of the year. Even though it seems like so much work, but the chance to work under Implats is like a bonus for you. Why? Aside from the fund that you get from the bursary, they also give you on-the-job experience that is very helpful to enhance your understanding toward your future career. Either you take or leave the idea to apply for the bursary, beforehand, you need first to download the bursary application form. You can go to Implats career page in case you expect further information. In addition, the closing date of Implats bursaries is usually on March.

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