2018-2019 IFA Bursary Scheme For Aspiring Young Generation

Everyone has equal right to pursue their dream through education regardless of gender, social status, and race. Answering challenge to provide aspiring young generation, there is bursary program that is destined for students with excellent academic record, thus they can achieve their future without any worry about financing their tertiary education. Annually, students will be exposed with a plentiful of numbers for bursaries, and one of them is IFA bursary scheme. A bursary scheme at IFA aims to support talented young generations in regard to academic matter for any career path that they choose.

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The total amount of fund that is available is more than R80 million for 80 learners throughout the nation which is started since 2009. That said, how to apply IFA bursary scheme? Obviously, you can’t simply apply for the bursary without understand nothing about the requirements. To be a successful applicant for bursary scheme at IFA, you must be a South Africa citizen, your age should be below 21 years on April 30th 2016, hold minimum average 60% for matric, an the last one is, you should be a descendant of active IFA either under legal guardianship or biological.

Click Here to access IFA BURSARY SCHEME

For more information related to 2018, 2019 & 2020 IFA bursary scheme, you can request information from Regional Business Manager (at the local IFA Presentation Venue), or you can as well contact your IFA presenter. Another option, you can simply download the bursary booklet that is contained with any necessary information that you need to apply and to win bursary scheme at IFA. Have interest to apply for the bursary? Download first the bursary rules, thus you know the dos and don’ts that make you fail or succeed the bursary. Too, you need to download the application form. Lastly, the application for the bursary will closed usually on April.

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