HCI Foundation Bursary Program For Youth South African

Financial assistance is available from HCI Foundation through their recent bursary program that is destined for applicants who are both coming from destitute family background and academically excellent. HCI Foundation bursary will provide the bursary for those that pursue either honours or undergraduate qualification majoring in various field of studies from university of technology or public university within South Africa. Who can apply for the bursary program? The priority will be given for applicants who are first year students for 2017, 2018 & 2019. In fact other applicants from different years of study can join the bursary program, however, it is only when the space is available.

HCI Bursary

In order to win HCI Foundation bursary program, there are several procedures that you should follow, first, you have to login or register through the official website. Applicants who already have an account, they can directly access their account to apply the bursary program. Whilst, recent applicants who never apply before, ensure that you register first to create your account, then you have access for the bursary. Say that you forget your passwords, instead of creating another account, hit lost password section. Second, you have to fill properly the application form.

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While completing the application for HCI Foundation bursary program, there are points you should fill them properly that include; information for parents employment, family details, personal details, details of field of study that you want to apply. The next process is submitting supporting documents, which are; unemployment affidavits, grant’s proof, family income, and identity document. The bursary program is opened started from August 1st to September 30th 2016. You can choose to save your application process, however, ensure that you can complete it before September 30th. The same thing applies for the supported documents as you can send them within August 1st to September 30th.