Hatch Goba Bursary Program 2018-2019

Hatch Goba bursary opportunity is recently opened for students with potential to aim qualification in engineering. The bursary itself is part of professional development program to assist young generation to enhance their chance for career opportunity. Myriad of things which are offered through the bursary that is very substantial for their future, but beforehand, the bursary opportunity is opened for students with or working toward these following field of studies, that include; industrial engineering, electronics engineering, mining engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, civil and structural engineering.

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In addition, Hatch Goba bursary looks for qualified applicants; (1) who are studying toward or hold the relevant degree that is requested by the bursary, (2) who attain average 65% or above, (3) who can display teamwork and leadership skills, (4) advanced problem solving and analytical thinking skill, (5) geographically flexible to work either in South Africa or aboard,(6) skills to to think innovative and lateral, and (7) who have huge passion to make something difference for the betterment. Nevertheless, suitable applicants who look forward for the bursary opportunity at Hatch Goba, you should tag along additional documents, such as; curriculum vitae with extra-curricular activity and transferable skill, cover letter that tells your reason behind your intention to work with Hatch Goba, too, your interest, copy of identity document, current copy for academic transcript, and already completed the official application questionnaire.

When all of your preparations are complete, you can apply online for Hatch Goba bursary through the official website. Nevertheless, the application is closed on August 31st. So what is offered by the bursary? Successful bursars at Hatch Goba will have access to networking activities and events, personal career planning, global exposure for better employment opportunity, framework that is flexible to aim professional registration with ECSA, and plenty more.