Fasken Martineau Law Bursary Scholarship Programme

Say that you look for a law bursary scholarship to assist you financing your higher education, then Fasken Martineau invites you to join their bursary opportunity, if you can catch up to their criteria in case you yearn to be their potential bursary. So to speak, for the degree, then you must be students both undergraduate and post graduate in LLB, when the bursary is given to you, be sure that you already a final year student. You must also hold average 65% but it will be better if it higher for per year academic records.

For you to know even though previously advantaged individual not become one among those requirements to apply this law bursary scholarship opportunity, but for those who are in need of financial assistance, they will be considered. In addition, if you keep your excellent attitude, then you’ll gain chance to become an attorney for Fasken Martineau. Excellent in academic field it is not the only thing that makes you be chosen for the bursary, in fact; you must be; a self-driven personal with stunning leadership skill, have passion for your work , and love to build good rapport with community. Suppose that you have that kind of quality, it will help you to widen your chance.

Fasken Bursary

Be apart of this law bursary opportunity, there some responsibilities and duties you should perform, you will have chance to join a vacation programme by Fasken Martineau. Also, you will grab some chance for the interview and accept contract to the firm. Then when you graduated, if it is available and it is offered, you must accept a contract as clerkship. Once you become a bursar for Law bursary scholarship opportunity and graduate from it, yet you get other contract from another firm, you are obliged to fully refund the bursary. Send your application afterward online. Since this has no deadline of submission, the chance seems open for those applicants with meet the requirements.