Eskom Technician In Training At Kendal Power Station

Eskom is very well-known for the learnership opportunities that are offered for its suitable applicants per year. In fact, it is not the only thing, since the numbers of the learnership programs are also differed. Simply like technician in training opportunity which is located in Mpumalanga. The program itself provides about twenty two positions for potential applicants. Do you need the experience to apply for the learnership? Luckily you don’t need any experience to be grab your chance for the position. Still, there is minimum requirement that should be met by its suitable applicants which is a completed S4.

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Other additional requirements? Surely, there are some other requirements you better know to win the position for technician in training at Kendal Power Station. As it speaks, those requirements include; (1) excellent skill for communication both written and verbal, (2) familiar with technical concept, have understanding about safety when performing the job within the program, (3) self discipline will be preferred, (4) capability to be team player, (5) have not only positive attitude, but also know about how to manage your emotional part, so then you can easily adapt to the environment where the in training program is conducted.

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The other competencies you are obliged to hold are; you are eligible when it comes to perform something like physical work during the training, and it is way better if you have code B for driver’s license. After reading those above the minimum and the additional requirement for technician in training at Kendal Power Station, should you take the opportunity to apply for the program online before the closing date of the program on January 15th 2016. Though you need to seriously pay your attention toward the requirements as those are essential, don’t let yourself neglect its closing date. Say that you late to apply for the program, your chance is dismissed.