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Interested in a warehouse service industry? Do you want to get in-depth experience related to the industry? If it is the case, you need to apply a learner store person learnership opportunity at Eskom. Expecting to know further? Applying this learnership opportunity, firstly, you need to grab a Grade 12 with another additional competencies, knowledge, and skills that are necessary to widen your chance for the opportunity. Speak for it, you better have these following qualities, such as; good time management, a proactive/easy to work together personality, consistent attitude, a good team player, then, liable, and some other more.

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Other things, you should also have as follow skills if you yearn for becoming the member of learner store person learnership program at Eskom, and those are; numeracy skill, familiar with operate material and its handling equipment, excellent communication skill, understand warehouse related skill (warehouse skill program-internal course), problem solving oriented, obtain both SAP, and computer lit. The other things which are essential when applying this program is your knowledge about these following issues; quality control related issue, industrial relations knowledge, understanding in management of principle inventory, legal liability understanding, and knowledge that relates to safety acts, occupational health and regulations.

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If you consider yourself having those above qualifications, Eskom wholeheartedly encourages you to apply their learner store person learnership opportunity. Let it alone, upload your data online and make sure you do it properly, before the program meets its deadline. Unpunctual application will lead to application discouragement which means you lost your chance to participate in this learnership opportunity. Now, the program itself will be undergo in multifarious locations. Even though having those above knowledge and skills mentioned previously are pivotal (in fact you are obliged to have), experience related to the learnership program isn’t necessary.