2016 Eskom Graduate Learnership Opportunity

2016 Eskom graduate learnership is opened, thence for those who wait to take their chances of becoming part of it, this is the time. Note, this graduate learnership opportunity is located in Tutuka Power Station, for these following areas; Electrical, Chemical (Chemical Eng/Water Management/Analytical Chemistry), Mechanical, and the last one is control and instrumentation. The next thing you should know, therefore you can apply for the graduate learnership program, is the minimum requirement for the learnership which are finished N6/S4 within these following; Water Management, Chem Eng, Mechanical, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation, and Analytical Chemistry.
Available Learnerships
Other things that are also essential to widen the chance to become the successful learners for Eskom graduate learnership before you apply for the chance online are; strong skill in communication in verbal and written areas, safety centric, capability to comprehend any technical concept within the training, have committed and responsibility attitude, hold Code B for drive license, perform positive behavior and capable to be a team player, have good emotional management and the last yet not least thing, capability to perform physical works during training. Feeling like you can handle the requiremenst and the additional competencies? You may take your chance, then.
Apply for the Eskom Learnership Programme
Within Eskom graduate learnership program, there are some key responsibilities that should be conducted by its potential learners which are related to Electrical, Chemical Eng, Water Management, Analytical Chemistry, Control and Instrumentation, and Mechanical. Apart from all the requirements that you should match for a graduate learnership at Eskom, be sure that you won’t miss its closing date as this plays a very serious role to determine whether you application is approved or not. Speak for 2016 graduate learnership that you are about to apply at Eskom which is locate at Tutuka Power Station, the closing date is on January 14th 2016.