Eskom Career Opportunities

If you are now in a midst of seeking particular career opportunity for your better future, not to mention, but among other options you may have, Eskom career opportunities will be a worth to consider. Anyway, there are about two kinds of career opportunities from Eskom you can apply. As it speaks, the career opportunities are; learner plant operator for Hendrina PS, Matla Power Station and Komati Power Station, and then Technician in Training for Hendrina PS. For you to know, each of career opportunities previously mentioned require you with the exact minimum requirements, but Technician in Training, since you need to complete a S4 beforehand for Chemical Services.

Still about the requirements to apply Eskom career opportunities, first, you need to hold a N3 or Grade 12 with Mathematics and Physical Science, and second, in order to be a successful applicant for this career opportunity by Eskom, then English should be your second language with 50% of daily use. However, you better know that there are other qualifications you should pass before the official of this career opportunity finalizes their decision. Before you send your application, you must assure that you have all of the competencies as mentioned below.

Apply for the Eskom Leaner Plant Operator in Matla Power Station

Straight to the point, to be considered as a suitable applicant for a career opportunity by Eskom, here are some following things that you should match; have a capability to operate computer, familiar with thermodynamics, understand about applying science knowledge and math in real life, also, to widen your way to be recognized as potential applicant for Eskom career opportunities, then, you must be familiar with electrical equipment, technical and conversion process. In addition, excellence in communication, planning, organising, and problem solving skills will widen your chance to win the opportunity. You need also to have good analytical and cognitive thinking. Then, send your application online for each career opportunity category. No closing date for the submission.