Engineering Learnership Program at Harmony Gold Mining

If you need a stepping stone to achieve your future career in Mining industry, an engineering learnership opportunity at Harmony Gold Mining is what you need for 2016. As this chance is not opened forever, you better take your chance now, however, you need to confirm that you have capability to pass the least requirements that is proposed by its official. Pay attention also toward the deadline of the submission. For this year engineering learnership program, you need to apply online straightly before its closing date on December 28th 2015. Keep in mind, give no respect toward the deadline, it leads to discouragement for the application.

Still, you need to know first the things that you should possess, thus you can easily claim your place at Harmony Gold Mining engineering learnership program. You should have either certificate for Grade 12 or N2 (full) qualifications. Let alone, your opportunity to secure your position for this engineering program will increase significantly if you are service persons that meet that qualifications which are designed. Possess both huge passions and ambitions to turn goals into reality, this kind of personality will be advantageous. Lastly, ensure that you are in good condition of healthiness (medically proven), and also capable to undergo a psychometric test.

Apply Engineering Learnerships

Aside for your understanding toward the requirements for the available engineering learnership opportunity, get to know more about the roles and responsibilities you should conduct for the chance of becoming the successful applicants for Harmony Gold Mining, which involves; joining without flaw the engineering learnership either for the classroom session or work-based training, conduct some tests that relate to your training will benefit you, and various others– are also important. Once you apply online for the engineering opportunity, you need to wait within 21 days to get response from its official. If you get one, you are considered as the successful applicant for the engineering learnership opportunity.

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