Engineering Bursary Scholarship Program At Rheinmettal Denel Munition

Consider yourself as young scientists or excellent students with top performance who are so passionate toward engineering area, engineering bursary scholarship from Rheinmettal Denel Munition will expand your horizon as you have chance to continue your education within this field of study. But that is not the only thing for the reason potential bursars have chance to join vocational program, thence they have chance to improve both theoretical and practical skills. Applying for the bursary program by RDM, first, you should have citizenship of South Africa. Second, you are not joining any bursary in the same time you are applying for the bursary by RDM.

engineering bursary scholarship from Rheinmettal Denel Munition

Third, if you expect to win your position as bursars of engineering bursary scholarship 2017, 2018 & 2019 program by Rheinmettal Denel Munition, you should be registered students for one of these following fields; BSc in electronic engineering, M.SC/B.Eng in industrial engineering, B.Eng in electrical engineering, B.Eng in chemical engineering, and B.Eng in mechanical engineering. Interested applicant for Rheinmettal Denel Munition bursary scholarship, you have to attach your complete and  academic record, copy of identity document, and curriculum vitae. The application for the bursary scholarship should be directed to department of human resource via,

Pay attention to the closing date of RDM engineering bursary scholarship program, since late application is not considered. Speak of the closing date, it is on September 30th. This bursary scholarship supports employment equity, therefore, everyone has equal rights for the bursary scholarship as far as they can meet the requested requirements. Not all applicants that apply for the bursary scholarship can win the bursary. So then, if the official not contact you by the ending of December, it means your application fails to succeed. Aside from on-the-job program through vocational work, successful applicant will have access to; allowance, accommodation, tuition fees, and also books.

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