Electrical Engineering In-Service Traineeship Programme from CSIR

Without doubt a work experience in certain related discipline that you take can assist you to prepare yourself to deal with the real challenge once you graduate from the tertiary institution, that is why, electrical engineering in-service traineeship is a good opportunity for suitable student who look on-the-job experience in electrical engineering world. For those talented students who are interested, here goes the requirements you should match; (a) accomplished theoretical blocks of S1/S2/S3/S4 or else, you have to recently deal with S4. Another, you must be formally registered in electrical engineering specialized in light current (national diploma), (b) in case you are passionate toward ocean technologies, it will benefit you.

Some other requirements, (c) have passion in something like general technologies such as 3D rendering and mechanical design, (d) able to handle outspread period to work on research vessel either on international water, local or Antarctica, and (e), eligibility for theoretical implementation. To have the big picture of what you do if your application for electrical engineering in-service traineeship is approved, understand first your responsibility is recommended. This isn’t limited by this, however, some responsibilities you should conduct are; apply some task within technical engineering field that relates to general technologies, marine electronic, and autonomous robots

Other responsibilities, you are obliged to conduct not only schematic drawing, but also printed circuit for board designs. Too, you need to detect possible faults and apply repair, test, and service for both digital and analog electronic equipment. Lastly, piloting and servicing the available robotics device. If you think yourself deserve for electrical engineering in-service traineeship that is designed by CSIR, submit a curriculum vitae of yours with both your surname and name alongside with reference number and position title on the subject area, for instance you write; Jonas Crab: In-Service Training: Reference No: 306124. Email it to jobapplications@csir.co.za before its deadline on November 27th 2015.