Department of Transport National Graduate Internship Programme

There is another opportunity for you who are want to join an internship programme. Department of Transport Internsip will be a good opportunity for you, especially if you want to know about work experience through various Land Transport skills area. Actually, this internship will take one intern per province, placed at various places which is determined. The interns also paid R6000 every month for this internship. These are the following provincess that exist in this internship, which xan be your choice.

If you are very interested to join Department of Transport Internship, you must pay attention of its requirements. These are the following requirements: (1) degree or diploma for some relevant fields for the job, (2) you have to be between 18-35 years old. This program is designedespecially for you who took those majors, don’t miss this good opportunity because a good opportunity doesn’t come twice. This is, however, a great chance so that you will find many things appropriate with your experience for future dream job and get them to be really suitable for your need.

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It is easy to apply for this internsip. You must send your application and it must be accompanied by Form Z83 for better chance of being accepted. After selection processed, you wilk face the interview session. After those selection process, a successful onee will sign an agreement with the department. Make sure that you do not join in any goverment internship now because it is not allowed for you to take this internship and make an agreement with the department. Don’t forget to remind your relevant province and its reference number when applying this opportunity. Example, you have to write “Internship: Province (Ref)” in the under position for which you are applying. Don’t miss this opportunity and be a participant of Department of Transport Internship. Applications, quoting the relevant municipality and Reference Number, must be forwarded for the attention of the Chief Directorate: Public Transport Regulations, Department of Transport, Private Bag x193, Pretoria, 0001.